Lifeless, she is lying down on a dark alley.
I look around with heart pounding with paranoia.
Voices from somewhere deafened my ears.
Not a single move, I just cannot run.

I heard approaching footsteps from behind.
Something from within dictates me to flee.
Yet, every piece of me rips as I kiss her goodbye.
Her face was deadpan as if she suffered nothing.

Oh, Morpheus, let me go...
For I love her too much to condemn her.

Scenes change its turns and twists.
The night goes eerier as I seek salvation.
I found myself running against the wind.
Without a soul, without a heart.

I kneel down gasping as I finally surrendered.
Convict me now, I am a paramour.
Gasping, I lay down in an eternal slumber.
Just few steps away from my breath.

I killed her and since she is my life,
Thus I must be dead now.
Now that I feel so worthless.
Oh, Morpheus, set me free.

Lord, redeem me up in the sky.
Beyond the guilt, within those clouds.

*This poem was published in TIP Voice (The Official School and Student Publication of Technological Institute of the Philippines-Manila) by the same author. Click here to visit the publication's official website.

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