On Ugly Yubin's tweet on Twitter and Jacqueline Bermejo's wall post on Facebook

"Sorry, the account you were headed to has been suspended due to strange activity."

This is the message popped out when I tried to browse the profile of a Korean (Ugly Yubin) on Twitter who posted a bad comment regarding the flood here in the Philippines. It has been a week since I received the very first forwarded message from my friend about this matter. It made me gnash my teeth in anger.

"I hope it keeps raining and die in floods like those Filipino monkeys."

This is an excerpt of the comment, which is peppered with grammatical errors. Good thing, Filipinos are grammarians and it was the first I noticed before I deleted the group message.

It is so unbecoming of a person. Just a couple of days before this issue, a stupid and selfish Filipina named Jacqueline Bermejo, who was in Dubai the time when Ondoy came in, wrote a wall post on Facebook saying "we deserve what happened."

The question is, are they real? What if these are just mockery or their account has been hacked by another user? Whatever the story behind these issues, the aftermath of the typhoon is too serious to make fun of.

Hooray, let us move on. Geeze

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YourRoyalBlankness said...

naks, grammarian. haha. :D Proofread mo din blogs mo for grammar check. :)

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